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Small Is the New Big
We're interested in hearing about your ideas. If you have a web, multimedia, or creative project in mind we can help you implement it. Even if you're unsure about pursuing it at the moment, we are here to discuss your ideas and talk with you about your project. Contact us through email, phone, or web-form, and let's start a conversation.
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Featured Work
Robert McLarty
Designer / Developer

Photo: Robert McLarty

Robert's interest in multimedia and design began as a way to provide services to businesses and friends he saw in need of quality new media expertise. With a unique, combined background in computers, art and design, he saw new media design and production as a unique niche in which to help others.

Robert has a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Toronto and a diploma of graphic arts from Sheridan College.

If Robert could have superpowers, they would be:

1. Invisibility
2. Time Control
3. Teleportation
4. Telekinesis
Alisha Trigatti
Project Manager / Photographer

Photo: Alisha Trigatti

Alisha brings method to the madness as a professional photographer, designer, and project manager. With her rational and analytical skills mixed with a creative expertise in both photography and design, she rounds out the teamís abilities.

Alisha has a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Guelph and a diploma of photography from Humber College.

If Alisha won the lottery, she would:

1. buy lots of shoes
2. pay off everybody's student loans
3. improve Toronto's public transit
4. hire a personal chef