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Small Is the New Big
We're interested in hearing about your ideas. If you have a web, multimedia, or creative project in mind we can help you implement it. Even if you're unsure about pursuing it at the moment, we are here to discuss your ideas and talk with you about your project. Contact us through email, phone, or web-form, and let's start a conversation.
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The first thing you should know about us is that we both have philosophy degrees. After graduation people asked us things like, "What are you going to do now? Work at the Philosophy Factory?" Of course, since we are philosopher's we over-thought it and realized, hey, that's not a bad idea. We've taken our love of learning inherent to all philosophers, and translated that into to a multimedia and design company that is never afraid to take a different approach, to try new things, and constantly push the limits of our creativity.

Who We Are
Philosophy Factory is a small studio based in Toronto specializing in visual creations. Innovative and multi-disciplinary, we create print design, photography, illustration, websites, and motion graphics. Our clients range from small to large and are located all over the globe.

What We Offer
Philosophy Factory helps transform ideas into enjoyable visual experiences.

We aim to provide creative solutions to all sorts of proposals, offering a friendly approach and multi-disciplinary background. Driven by our love for the new, we approach every project with a unique process taking into account the current market and aesthetic trends to bring our clients innovative, expressive, unique, and meaningful possibilities.

What we do helps our clients find their voice to stand out and be first-rate at what they do. Because we are a small studio we are able to work together with our clients more personally, which translates into accurate delivery and an enjoyable process.

We work with our clients to help them realize their vision. From the very beginning, we provide a detailed outline of exactly what we intend to do and how we will get to completion. Let us know if there's something more you need and we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Our Philosophy
"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." - Aristotle

Our philosophy is pretty straightforward: when you love what you do it shows in your work. Every client we work with and every project we approach is an exciting creative process that we look forward to and truly enjoy.

We're a small company that wants to stay small, so we can be involved in every part of our clients' project development. It's important to us that our clients know that they are dealing with real people. We accommodate our clients specific needs, pay attention to detail at every level, and personally see projects through from start to finish.

This is what we love to do, and we think that makes all the difference.